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Rental Guidelines - If you do not meet our requirements we can probably book you through one of the rv platforms we are listed on - prices would be different.


1. Renters/Drivers must be a minimum of 25 yrs of age and have a valid drivers license. Vehicle of someone under 25 can be used as long as they don't drive and the renter is at least 25. Vehicle owner must sign an acknowledgement that they understand that it is their liability from their insurance being used in rental.

2. All drivers must be listed on the reservation form and copies of valid drivers license supplied. Only drivers listed and licenses check will have insurance coverage. Any drivers not listed will not have insurance coverage for the trailer.

3. Renter must be present at the walk through to sign contract & all liability paperwork.

***We reserve the right to deny rental to anyone deemed a credit or security risk*** and whose license may become invalid before rental.

3. Liability Insurance must extend to travel trailer (Florida Law Requires that it does on personal polices).

4. Passengers are not permitted to be in travel trailer while it is moving.

5. Driving while under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol will void all insurance.

Payment and Deposits:

A security/damage/cleaning deposit of 500.00 is due at pick up. At pick up rental fees, taxes & remainder of deposits are due in cash. A date hold reservation deposit is needed to hold the trailer for your dates this is $300.00 for a week or less rental (this will roll to the $500.00 security deposit) If travel trailer is returned without damage, and a cleaning fee or sewer dump fee is not needing to be deducted we will return the deposit within 7 business days after drop off - less any fees that may apply, which would be deducted from your deposit. If charges apply for cleaning, damages or repairs (that are deemed the customers responsibility) exceed your security/cleaning/dump deposit,you are responsible for paying excess balance owed.

There is no refund if customer terminates rental before scheduled return date or if client picks up later than scheduled date of departure.

Reservation deposits are non-refundable - however, if you give us ample notice and we are able to re-rent the trailer for your exact same dates and still make at least the same amount in rental fee, we may refund half of your deposit (remainder kept as an administrative fee). We would wait until after the new found renter has taken and returned the trailer to make sure do not cancel or cause damage.

Payment of rental charges in full are due at time of pickup.

Pick-up and Return:

Pick-up and return to be prearranged at reservation. Allow around 1 hour for walk through and paperwork. We expect renters to show up on time and will charge a $35.00 fee for anybody running over a 1/2 hour late. Trailers are to be returned on return date on contract and by time specified. All late returns must be authorized 24 hours prior to scheduled return time. We do offer an early pickup/late drop off option for an additional charge. If a RV is 24 hours overdue and the renter has not contacted us, unit will be considered STOLEN. Abandonment of the unit is paramount to theft. All cost of recovery and return will be handled through litigation if necessary. We can not be held responsible for any additional days of rental incurring through acts of nature, weather conditions, road closures, war or any other delays beyond control of ours. All Costs are solely at the expense of the renter.

We can not release the trailers during very bad weather.

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